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If you’ve ever thought about becoming one of the ‘Millionaires Next Door’ profiled in the New York Times bestseller The Millionaire Next Door: Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy by authors Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko, chances are good that you might own a janitorial service.

Just in case you’re not convinced, the authors state:

“….and, even in this age of Silicon Valley millionaires, the companies the wealthy tend to own are what the authors call “dull-normal.” They include pest control, ambulance service, meat processor, janitorial services, and mobile-home park owner.”

Surprised? You’re not alone.  After all, you know as well as I do that janitorial work (and those who perform it) continues to be the butt of jokes.  Janitorial work is scorned and otherwise vilified as the “last stop” for the uneducated or unmotivated imbeciles of modern society.  (I happen to love it that many feel that way).  While it’s certainly true that dead-end janitorial jobs are plentiful, hugely profitable janitorial businesses run by budding entrepreneurs are a best kept secret.  The joke is on the ignorant whose narrow-minded tunnel vision keeps them trapped in their office cubicles and chained to their desks for the next 30 years often earning a mediocre salary despite their college degrees accompanied by insanely high student loan balances.  Janitors may be the butt of their jokes, but we self-employed janitorial entrepreneurs are the ones laughing all the way to the bank–the bank we probably clean nightly making considerably more money per hour than they make at their career jobs.

What’s more, I can categorically state that a large number of these millionaire janitors didn’t need a lot of money to start their businesses. Neither did they want to go into a lot of debt via credit cards or expensive business loans, etc.  Like me, they bootstrap financed their company.  (I’ve personally started and bootstrap financed three successful janitorial companies over the past 30 years.)  If you aspire to run and operate your own lucrative business but never thought you’d have enough money to get started, or didn’t like the idea of borrowing large amounts of money to fund your business start-up, then this site is most certainly for you!

The wonderfully “surprising secret” is that to you simply don’t need a lot of money to start what can become a wildly successful janitorial company.  Rather, your desire to succeed coupled with our secrets of how to “bootstrap finance” your janitorial business is all you need to get started down the path toward greater personal freedom, higher income and prestige of owning your own business that the vast majority of snooties will never see.

So stick around.  Kick your boots off.  Learn, share, and be inspired toward your endeavor to become The Wealthy Bootstrap Janitor Next Door .

Curtis E. Elliott

Aspiring author of The Bootstrap Janitor – Starting your Janitorial Business on a Shoestring Budget


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